Carlo  D'Alessio



Historically, a generation is fortunate to produce at best a handful of artists whose work does not merely stand upon the shoulders of its most brilliant predecessors, but offers a truth, the very reason they came before. Carlo D’Alessio is such an artist.

Born in the Bronx in 1954, D’Alessio’s artistic journey began at an early age when he was accepted into the School of Music and Art in New York City (the movie “Fame” school). He graduated from Fordham University in conjunction with New York's School of Visual Arts and attended the renowned Art Students League.

D'Alessio's professional art career began in the 70s in Manhattan as art production manager for Bloomingdales. In the early 80s, he was assistant to artist Stanley Landsman, working in Landsman's enormous residential studio on Downing Street. He and Landsman collaborated on an important mosaic, "Friends, Heroes and Faces," with D'Alessio creating 16 detailed portraits of Franz Kline, Larry Rivers, Louise Nevelson, Willem de Kooning, Leo Castelli, and other luminaries of the time. Landsman recalled his experience with D'Alessio: "I've never seen such an abundance of talent infused into someone as young as Carlo—his command of technique is extraordinary.”

After a successful solo exhibition in Florida, D’Alessio moved to Key West in 1983 for almost a year. When he returned to New York City, he longed to see more of the country and left on a driving tour across Canada and the US, ultimately landing in Colorado where he was consistently commissioned over the next decade in Denver and Aspen. In 1997, inspired by the majestic beauty of nature and the elements, D’Alessio moved to Lake Tahoe, California. He now lives and works in Palm Springs.

D'Alessio paints with a distinctive method that produces a stunning visual impact. By layering acrylic paint with varnish, layer built upon layer, he creates a luminous three-dimensional effect that mimics changes in light. Over the course of his long career as a visual artist, D'Alessio has perfected his understanding of perspective and shadow, further enhancing the illusion in his paintings.

With a characteristic style and a broad range of subjects, D’Alessio’s meticulous paintings are hyperrealistic and sometimes mistaken for some form of photographic process; however, they possess a vitality that cannot be achieved by mechanical means. His frequent use of juxtaposition and contrast is surrealistic. Due to the detailed nature of his creative process, D'Alessio paints only a few paintings every year.

D’Alessio’s success is illustrated by his long list of collectors and commission clients from around the world. D'Alessio's passion is simply to bring beauty and a sense of wonder to those who view his work.


"I consider myself an observer, a visitor here on this magnificent planet. As my paintings are primarily representational, I study my subject matter with an almost scientific eye, trying to understand what I am actually seeing, how color and light dance and play. Yet my ultimate goal is to create a visceral reaction to my work rather than a cerebral one. My restless curiosity demands a wide range of subjects. When I truly realize a painting, it reflects the glorious gift of life, and its essence becomes a part of who I am."

Selected Exhibitions:

2014 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA
2013 Heather James Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA
2012 LA Art Show, Santa Monica, CA
2012 Art Platform, Los Angeles, CA
2012 Michael H. Lord Gallery, Palm Springs, CA (solo)
2012 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA
2010 Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA
2009 Michael H. Lord Gallery, Palm Springs, CA (solo)
2008 Smith Gallery, Sacramento, CA (solo)
2008 Gallery 4, Placerville, CA (solo)
2007 Village Art Gallery, Lake Tahoe, CA (solo)
2006 Hang It Up Galleries, El Dorado Hills, CA (solo)
2006 Art for the Home Gallery, Lake Tahoe, CA (solo)
2005 Morgan Jones Fine Art, Lake Tahoe, CA (solo)
2004 Statements, Kona, HI (solo)
2003 Gallery at Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, CA (solo)
2000 D'Alessio Gallery, Fair Oaks, CA (solo)
1988 Colors Gallery, Denver, CA (solo)
1983 Gallery of Art, Panama City, FL (solo)